New Venue Announcement!

19449506_10155554050932437_988032166_oThe Geek Mart has found a new home! On July 15th, we’ll be opening our doors in Filmbase in Temple Bar.

The full line-up of vendors will be made available soon. In the meantime, you can check out the event page for July’s market on Facebook.

A new venue means a few changes to how things are run. Our space is more limited, at least for now while we settle in a new location.

Thanks to one inquisitive vendor, we have a range of questions we can address about the move.

Will the market be indoors or outdoors?

As always, we’ll be indoors. In our early stages with Filmbase, we’ll be on the Ground Floor, with windows looking out in three directions.

Will tables with covers still be supplied?

While Filmbase cannot guarantee tables every month (they are, after all, a busy school and popular venue), we have been able to secure tables and cloths with a catering company. The tables will all be 6-foot in length. Filmbase have a limited number of chairs available. Vendors who require more than one should alert organiser before the market. Additionally, attendees will be able to make use of the sofas on the ground floor.

Will half-tables still be available for vendors?

Yes, but the number of half-tables available has been capped.

Will vendors be able to book for future markets?

Yes, at the discretion of the organisers. We will look at most a month in advance, with the view to allowing as many different vendors a table, rather than guaranteeing the same vendors tables every month. Even with this in mind, there is still a chance that certain vendors will appear at back-to-back events.

Have table prices changed?

Table prices will remain the same – €30 for a full table, €15 for a half table – but the full amount will be required in advance, as a result of the limited space and funds available. Additional earnings from table sales are funnelled back into the market’s promotional materials, to help spread the word around the city. We’re aiming for careful budgeting over an increase in costs to vendors.

Will the market be on the same time of the month every month?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of Filmbase, a guarantee of the same time of the year is impossible. However, we are working closely with their staff to ensure a close-to-regular schedule. All dates will be posted on our homepage, with events created on Facebook to alert everyone to dates when they become available. Events will not take place one week after another.

One guarantee for August: we will not have a market on the same weekend as Dublin Comic Con – we’ll be opening our doors with a post-DCC event.


How does someone become a vendor?

We get asked this a lot. Simply contact us through our contact form or through Facebook. Vendors bring a lot of variety to the market. Be prepared with a photo for use in social media, a link to any online directory of what you might have (a Facebook page or a Tumblr account, for example), and possibly a short bio about yourself or your business. (We tweet these things, so we really mean short!)

Why did you move venue?

There was an issue in the management of the Geek Mart, which resulted in one person stepping away. You can read about it in our announcement on that matter: here. We’re now focused on making the most of what was a difficult situation, and looking towards making the future of the Geek Mart bright and full of optimism. The community that offered its support to us deserve that and so much more.

I have a question that you didn’t answer.

Send us a question through our contact page, or leave a comment on this post (or wherever you followed this from, if it was one our official channels) and we’ll get back to you.



Important Notice, June 2017

Due to a sudden departure from within the market’s management, the date and venue of upcoming Geek Mart events are subject to change. Robert Glick of has chosen to separate himself from the Geek Mart, while insisting upon his booking at our previous venue.

The rest of us – Gareth, Niall and Paul – are working hard to secure a new venue for the Geek Mart. Over the past year, the Geek Mart has become home to an amazing, engaging community, and we don’t want to see that end as a result of one person’s decision. The Irish comic community is a remarkable place to find support, friendship and a sense of belonging, and we would like to think that the Geek Mart means enough to people to keep working on it every month.

We hope to have further details in the near future, and appreciate your patience while we work on ensuring the future of the market.


Please note, for vendors this so far only presents an inconvenience. No deposits have been accepted for July yet. We will not be seeking payment for tables until we have a venue secured. Those who have already booked a table have been contacted already, and will have the first opportunity to secure their table at the new venue.

The Geek Mart’s First Birthday Bash | May 6th

It’s our BIRTHDAY! Check out all the awesome vendors who’ll be celebrating with us on May 6th, when the Geek Mart turns one! As usual, we’re in the Central Hotel on Exchequer Street. Doors open at 10am, and close at 6pm.

You can also keep up with these on the event page:

or use our Group to keep up with the general chit-chat:

Predators Ireland will be joining us again to help distribute flyers and to mingle in the streets of Dublin. Check them out on Facebook here: caters to the collector/investor of comic books specialising in high grade investment quality comics!

Check them out on Facebook at:

Gareth Luby is the Geek Mart’s resident artist, with a wide range of prints under his belt. Gareth himself won’t be around, but we’ll have his prints with us on the day to sell on his behalf.

Check Gareth out on Facebook at:

Pictured here with Ms Joker Quinn Cosplay

Paul Carroll is the Geek Mart’s resident writer, with a range of books and short stories covering Irish mythology, local necromancers, temporary superpowers, mad hatters and everything in between. He’ll be present with his latest book about a guy who takes on a job as a Grim Reaper to pay his parents’ supernatural mortgage, and his first ever comic!

Check Paul out on Facebook at:

The Foxy Bros have been trading with the geek-mart since the beginning. They’re the one-stop shop for merchandise, comics and pixel art.

Check them out on Facebook at:

Tracy Sayers is a writer and all-round nerdy girl, making her vendor debut at the Geek Mart with her first ever comics.

Alan has a wide range of comics for sale, catering for every collectors’ tastes and budgets. 

Hannah is the Geek Mart’s youngest artist, with a wide range of anime prints available, including some incredible Pokémon fanart.

Crafty like a fox is one of the Geek Mart’s most prolific artists, with a wide range of prints and button badges to go with her range of collectables.

Check her out on Facebook at:

Geek She’k brings you a range of home-made knit-wear, with a speciality in Harry Potter Hogwarts houses to get things started.

Check her out on Facebook at:

MrStability brings a range of prints to the Geek Mart, covering Deadpool, Disney, Game of Thrones, and more.

Check him out on Facebook at: are coming with a wide range of fanart, available as prints, slate, glassware, clothing, and mugs.


Alberich Design are returning to The Geek Mart with their range of jewellery, clothes and crafts.

Check them out on Facebook at:

Based on Bolton Street, Dublin City Comics and Collectibles bring a large supply of comics, figurines, and hard to find toys.

Check them out on Facebook at:

Venus de Vilo is returning to the Geek Mart, bringing with her VdeV hampers and some framed gothic artwork.

Check her out on Facebook at:

My Cat Lillith will be present with a range of vinyl print clothing, mugs and gaming accessories.

Check them out on Facebook at:

Breaking the Mold are a custom design setup which specializes in the creation of 3D printed props and accessories for the cosplay and collector community.

Check them out on Facebook here:

Artinwoods is an artist with a flair for Star Wars fanart with twist.

Check them out on Facebook here:

Emily Brien is an artist and crafter, with a Manga style to her illustrations.

Check her out on Deviant Art here:

Hog and Dice is a writing, podcasting and all-round storytelling producer, making their Geek Mart debut this month with books and occult craft work.

Check them out at

Serena Quinn is a painter and illustrator, with a wide range of anime designs on paper and canvas.

Check her out on Instagram at:

Phyllis will be bringing a range of greetings card and assorted awesomeness, including some cool jewellery ! She’s also a member of the USS Cuchulain. You can’t miss the Starfleet banner.

An Bréagán is a Comic Book & Collectable Toy Store located in Waterford. It specializes in selling new & used comic books including toys and collectables.

Check them out on Facebook at:

So there you have it! Doors opens at 10am on May 6th, in the Central Hotel in Dublin. There’s a lot to look at, and it’s Free Comic Book Day, so expect things to be busier in the city. We look forward to seeing you there!