Important Notice, June 2017

Due to a sudden departure from within the market’s management, the date and venue of upcoming Geek Mart events are subject to change. Robert Glick of has chosen to separate himself from the Geek Mart, while insisting upon his booking at our previous venue.

The rest of us – Gareth, Niall and Paul – are working hard to secure a new venue for the Geek Mart. Over the past year, the Geek Mart has become home to an amazing, engaging community, and we don’t want to see that end as a result of one person’s decision. The Irish comic community is a remarkable place to find support, friendship and a sense of belonging, and we would like to think that the Geek Mart means enough to people to keep working on it every month.

We hope to have further details in the near future, and appreciate your patience while we work on ensuring the future of the market.


Please note, for vendors this so far only presents an inconvenience. No deposits have been accepted for July yet. We will not be seeking payment for tables until we have a venue secured. Those who have already booked a table have been contacted already, and will have the first opportunity to secure their table at the new venue.


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